Magic Places: Whitefish Point, MI

I have a special, fun, fabulous talent I use to annoy my friends and irritate people: I can “sing” my part of conversations to the tune of Gordon Lightfoot’s classic, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Once I get going, it’s almost impossible to stop:

“How are you doing? I am doing well, and I’m very much happy to meet you!”

“Please give me a six-piece box of nuggets, and a large Diet Coke would be lovely!”

Seriously. I can do this all day.

But the Edmund Fitzgerald was more than the 70’s greatest earworm: It was an actual shipwreck off the coast of Whitefish Point, Michigan, not far from Mackinaw Island. You can learn all about the tragedy at one of my favorite museums and parks, The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

The museum sits on what is known locally as the Shipwreck Coast, but you can’t tell it by the beach just beyond the building. It’s a quiet, rocky shoreline and you can slip right into the water if you care to. Or you can find a perfect seat of driftwood, carved by one of the kinder gods of the lake, as my son did a few years back. Pack a picnic, a journal or your e-Reader and sit awhile: When a god gives you a gift, it’s rude not to enjoy it to the fullest.