Get-Together, Part Deux (w/pictures!)

That's me, pretending to be useful. The nice thing about volunteering to stuff the bags is that you get to scope out the first round of swag ahead of time.

Lori, Dianne and the gals. It was a weekend full of , "OMG, is that Toni/LuAnn/Marjorie/Lora . . ." And the answer was always, "Yes! Yes it is."

If you are on twitter, you aren't anywhere.

On the left: Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance B(u)y the Book fame. Don't hate her because she's beautiful. On my face is the expression one wears when not hating one's new friend because she is beautiful.

Here, we're attempting to understand the latest trend in erotic romance/erotica. It requires stick-figure diagrams.Gabriella decided stick figures didn't cut it.

The incomparable Becke Martin took some great shots of us cutting up at the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell/Linda Keller weekend. No, I am not picking my nose.