In the Beginning was the Word

It's not that I have no ideas for the next book (the one I was supposed to start working on last week). I have plenty of ideas. Some of them, I stupidly shared with others:

"Don't write that," I was told. "Nobody's buying that concept."

"Don't write that," someone else said. "Shifters are hotter. Write shifters."

So there they sit on their shelf, my poor little unmarketable, non-shifty ideas. Next to them sit a couple of others who are similar enough (lacking shifterliness) to make me worry.

Oh, em, gee! Have you seen my schedule? Sure, I can scribble junk on a notebook longhand while I sit in a parking lot for ten minutes waiting for the Stevenses, Jr. to get out of summer camp, but really, what's the point? None of those words will make it into a book anyway.

EXCUSE #3 (The Deep Thoughts)
It's a fear of commitment. Once I embark on my unsaleable shifterlessness project, that's it! I have to see it through. And what if I hate my protags? What if my antag takes over the story? What if I invest 100,000 words in the initial draft and have to throw all of them, ALL of them back out again? What if I can't figure out what to name this dude? What if he ends up just another Nathan Kamp look-alike cardboard romance hero? I AM DROWNING IN ANGST!

I have a blog to write and post.

Oh, wait. It's finished. Well, crap.

Help me procrastinate (don't worry, you won't end up #5 on this list): What excuses do you use to put off getting started? And if you are rolling your eyes as you read this, enlighten us: How do you overcome initial inertia to get your book rolling?

*No. Clint has nothing to do with this post. I just like the picture.