Writing Readers, Reading Writers

"A REAL writer reads," declares an Authority On The Subject.

I am so relieved, because I read all of the time. AOTS would be really proud of me.

I read in the morning because I no longer have the stamina to stay up all night to finish the book. I read while I'm at the desk because I need "a little inspiration." I read when I should be editing in the late afternoon because, darn it, I'm tired and I just want a break. I read at bedtime because it helps me get a good night's sleep. On a good reading day, I can get through two, even three novels. My TBR ("to be read") pile is huge, but I am the tortoise, crawling through it book by book.

Of course, there is this other aspect to being a writer that AOTS did not mention . . .

What about you? How much do you read in a given day/week/month? If you write, do you feel you keep a good balance between getting your words down and reading other people's books?