30 Days Hath November

Gabriella Edwards asked me, "Did I miss a blog entry?"

No, Gabriella. No, you didn't.

After chunking out my most recent novel draft, I did a leisurely bit of editing, submitted my RWA PRO materials (and--drumroll, please!--my pin is on its way) and took a vacation. A real vacation with grown-ups and hotels and bars and boat tours and art museums.

What I did not do is write. I deliberately chose not to draft diddly for the entire month of October as part of the Let-Your-Puir-Wee-Brain-Rest-Before-NaNo Plan.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a decade-old grassroots movement wherein participants are challenged to write 50,000 words (a novella) in November. Last year I participated and wrote 100,041 words. In the ensuing 12 months, I've been revising and polishing the heck out of that draft (and learning, on the way, more and more efficient ways of revising so that it will no longer take me a year to do so).

This year, unlike last year, I'm going in ice cold. I have a few images in my brain. I have words that intrigue me ("tortuosity" is a new favorite). I have no plot, no premise, no central character, no location (except I think I'll be trying my hand at world-building). I've got bupkis.

I'm going to write 100,000 words (a full-length novel) out of that ever-so-promising beginning.

At last month's OVRWA meeting, Jenny Crusie (who also plans to do NaNo this year) said, "The novel exists already in your subconscious." Boy howdy, do I hope she is correct.

If you're joining the party, buddy me: keristevens.