The first gift.

We met back when he had long hair and I didn't yet need underwire. He was a science geek, and I'd always been drawn to guys who knew more big words than I did.

We were (and are) opposites, at least superficially. I love to dance. He loves to not dance. I talk until I'm hoarse. He listens until I'm hoarse. I'm outgoing, he's reserved. I'm impulsive. He analyzes everything. I'm an optimist. He says it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

And the first gift he ever gave me was a gorgeous blown glass atomizer and bottle of Giorgio Red cologne (my favorite at the time. Do not judge me). He must have spent at least $100 for me on my first birthday as his girlfriend--which was serious cash for a college guy who lived on ramenghetti.

It was the most frivolous, whimsical, impractical, unnecessary gift I've ever received. His only goal was to delight me.

He did. He still does.