Here Comes Trouble... (Six Sunday post)

It's Six Sentence Sunday again! In the past month, you've met Delia, the heroine and Grant, the hero of Stone Kissed. Now meet...The Nemesis!  And if you enjoy brief excerpts, go visit some of the other Six Sunday writers.

 The sun had gilded him. The surf had seasoned him. Now Cecily ate him from the inside out, draining him on a kiss and a screw. The muscles in his back and shoulders melted beneath her palms as she sucked his life into hers. He was beautiful, this big, blond young god—an exchange student from Norway or Sweden or one of those countries with a stupid-sounding guttural accent. He tasted so good, so salty, golden and clean. She rolled with him down into the rising surf to feel the sun on her back even as he shriveled beneath her.

Hey--did you catch that? I gave you a bonus SEVENTH sentence.