Meet Sophie and Brogan

In Stone Kissed, when Delia Forrest talks to statues...they talk back.

Sophie is an alabaster figurine who claims she owned Josephine Baker (as it happens, statues have a different concept of "ownership" than we squishy humans do.)  She's sassy and saucy and naughty--but like the legendary Ms. Baker, has a deep compassion for children.

Sophie is forced to share space with Brogan, who was excised under dubious circumstances from an abbey a millenium before. He's an irascible Green Man who doesn't think anyone is worthy of Delia.

And in case your wondering, both this garden version of Sophie and the wall fountain of "Brogan" are gifts from Dr. Stevens. I'm afraid he's going to populate our yard with ALL of the Stewardsville statuary now. In retrospect, perhaps I should have written "Diamond Kissed."