Six Sentence Sunday: When Delia sees Grant (from STONE KISSED)

The NetGalley advanced review copies (ARCs) of Stone Kissed are up this week. Readers, book bloggers, booksellers and librarians are reading the whole thing! On Six Sentence Sunday, you get a peek, yourself. For more fun, follow the #sixsunday hashtag on twitter and visit the official Six Sentence Sunday website.

He gave no hint he remembered the mousy little girl she’d been, back when he’d been kind to her on one of the best and worst days of her life. At fourteen she’d imagined him an angel, but he was more so now. Not a soft golden one—this Grant was strictly Old Testament, and his likeness guarded the dead in medieval churchyards throughout Europe. Even though his tailored gray suit was the height of civilized fashion, it was a lie.

This man wasn’t civilized. He was the embodied wrath of God.

She didn’t want him to remember.

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