My Resolution.

I love my twitter like chocolate loves caramel. When that little red number pops up on facebook, I squeal like a woman who's just found caramel covered in chocolate. The internet makes me happy and I so enjoy connecting with people I might never otherwise meet.

But I haven't had a letter in almost a year. And I haven't written a letter in years. Stamps are for those annoying vendors who haven't figured out to set up web-based payment systems. And every time I lick an envelope I'm surprised at how bad the glue tastes.

So this year, I'm pulling out one of my trusty pens (promo from my buddy Gabriella Edwards) and real paper notecards and I will write a handwritten note, card or even letter once a day, at least four days out of the week.

I will save the U.S. Postal Service single-handedly, I'm convinced.