Smart and Sexy KERI FORD gives me my just desserts.

She's younger than me and adorable inside and out. When I met Keri Ford at Lori Foster and Duffy Brown's Reader-Author Get Together last year, she charmed the jealousy right out of me. And then I read Through The Wall, and I was jealous all over again. Now's she taken over my blog to tempt and tease us all. Typical.

This has absolutely nothing to do with my release, Through The Wall, but it’s on my mind.

Desserts. Specifically, Sonic's Red Velvet Cheesecake Blast since it just came up on my TV.

Look at this thing. Seriously. Look. At. It. I want to inhale it through my screen. Yes, yes, yes, there’s that whole diet resolution thing people having going on---but COME ON.

Cake ~ check!
Cheesecake ~ check!
Ice Cream ~ check!
Good Whipped Topping ~ check!

There is nothing about this thing I DON’T want to eat. I’m tempted to eat the cup just to make sure I get all the bits that might have soaked into the Styrofoam. I think I read it has some 800+calories in it. Totally worth the splurge, I think.

By the time this posts, I should have tasted this goodness and can let you know the results. What’s an over the top dessert you’ve been wanting to try?

Thanks so much Stevens for having me today! Since you do that whole fitness thing and are likely croaking over, I swear I’ll do some sit ups or something after I eat this thing…eventually after I eat it, that is, to make up for it!

And oh, I did have a recent book release and all…

She doesn’t want wild and raunchy, just a little spice…
Stephanie Faulkner listens to her neighbor’s nightly sexcapades through her bedroom wall. What used to make her blush now has her reaching for her vibrator. But she’s had enough self-fulfillment and now wants the real thing.
He wants commitment and long-term, not a quick roll…
The only woman Parker Madison ever wanted for long-term was Stephanie...but she's off-limits. He’s tried to find a substitute but there just isn’t another woman like her. Now that she's available, if he gives her time to get over her ex-husband...will he finally get his long-desired chance?
Short-term doesn't lead to long term. Or does it…?
Read Chapter One HERE!!

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