Swag Happy

Circle of Seven Productions guru, Sheila English, reviewed the swag bags from the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together this weekend on her blog. She discusses my contribution to what amounts to Trick-Or-Treating for grownups at about the 10:00 minute mark...

I love that slightly disbelieving giggle you hear when she talks about my personalizing the envelopes.

Here's why I did it: I've been to four conferences now, and I know how overwhelming and nervewracking it can be. Introverted writers meet excited readers, and we're struck dumb that (a) you read our books and (b) you liked them. Or aspiring authors spend the weekend with dry mouths and cramping stomach contemplating their pitch to the agents and editors walking around, daring to look much like normal people.

I knew I wouldn't get to meet everyone. I knew I wouldn't get to connect with many of the people I hoped to see. So in the days before the conference, I had a little fun imagining who would open the envelopes. Who was The Superb One? Who was the Enchanting One? Would I get to eat with the Witty One? (In fact, I did.) My facebook fans helped me out, sending me lists of great words to put on the envelopes (and thank you for all of your help).

So if I didn't get to shake your hand and say "thank you" to you this weekend, I know it's my loss. But know that I was thinking of you, just the same.

Comment on this post - and one random commenter will get some of the swag (but fair warning: The candy is all gone :( )