There Are No Mondays For Writers

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Thank you to Keri for turning over her blog to me today. I met Keri online but she was invaluable to me during my term as PRO Liaison to the RWA Board. Thanks, Keri!
Mondays. Not the favorite day of the week for many people. Ask people about Mondays and you’ll might get responses like…
Monday, Monday…Can’t trust that day…(For you youngsters who don’t remember The Mommas and The Papas, I’ll give you a video to watch)

Or maybe someone will mutter...It's Another Manic Monday!

or you might hear...

Sadly, if you ask Roxanne St. Claire about Mondays, you'll get, "The Bachelor!!"
Just in case you haven't seen Ellen as part of The Bachelor's bachelorettes...

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If you listened to the Manic Monday video, one of the lines is.."Wish it were Sunday. It's my fun day." That simply doesn't work for writers. Sundays can be just another day in the week for writers.

Here’s the deal with authors…Mondays don’t matter. There are no “Mondays” for writers. Monday is pretty much like every other day of the week.

Weekends? What are those? We still have to write, or edit, or answer fan mail, or blog, or do some type of promo.

The other problem? When we're NOT writing, we feel guilty for not writing. When we're writing, we are simply in another world, incommunicado with family and friends. You cannot imagine the number of times my husband has come spoken to me while I'm writing and I either don't respond or have no idea what he's talking about.

This morning (I'm writing this on MONDAY!! No rest for the wicked.) I got the nicest note from a woman who'd just finished reading Texas Two Step. In part it read, "Just got done reading your Texas two step book and LOVED It..Just wondering when the next book will be out so I can pre-order it.." Talk about something really making my day!
So I feel guilty that I spent the weekend mailing out my Texas Two Step Freebies (check the bottom of this post for more info), writing a couple of guest blogs that were due, and taking a couple of long naps! What should I have been doing? Writing of course.
So my point is that every day in a writer's life is a Monday. There are no days away from work. The work is always with you, always on your mind. If I'm not actually writing, I'm thinking about writing.
If you think I'm complaining about the life of a writer, you'd be wrong. See the paragraph above from the Texas Two Step reader? We all live for those notes! I love being a writer and touching the lives of readers. I love giving a reader a few hours of pure fantasy away from their daily grind.
So the next time you read a book and really liked it, drop the author a note, review it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads (or all of them!). That special scene in the book that really made the book for you might have been written on Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or..well, you get the idea!
Have you ever written a note or email to an author about a book you just read? Tell me about it. What was the book and author? What was so moving about the book that you just had to let the author know?
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