Spring Has Sprung Me

I'm one of those seasonally-affected, disorderly people. As the days grow shorter, so does my temper.

When the Equinox hits, my mood levels out--and by this time in the year, I'm something resembling pleasant again. And not a minute too soon!

It's the dawn of conference time, when readers and writers gather in droves to share our favorite books, authors and drinks. I'm missing the Romantic Times convention happening in Kansas City, right now, and I sincerely regret it--much of my family lives there, and I had planned on a reunion the likes of which no cousin of mine had ever seen.

But in the interim, two other trips dropped into my lap and life: I head to China in a couple weeks to travel up the east coast from Hong Kong in the south to Shanghai. The flight from Chicago lasts for 15 hours. I'm hoping to sleep the entire way there and back.

And after I get back...conference time! The Annual Reader-Author Get-Together sponsored by Lori Foster has doubled in attendance in the years since I started coming, but the same friends always show up. I'm looking forward to seeing some of you again for the first time in a year.

And then I'm off to Rocky Mountain National Park with the family. I figure if I don't lose weight hiking in China, I'll almost certainly do so in Colorado.

Right? Right?

What about you? Busy summer? Lazy summer? What are your plans?