I'm Glad I met you...did I drool on your shoulder?

Chances are if you are reading this its because I met you at the Romantic Times Convention--possibly within the last couple of hours. Maybe you are sitting in your hotel room right now, digging through the stuff you collected. You may have one of my Tarot cards on the bed beside you. You may be wondering about that hot-bodied graveyard statue on my doorknob hanger.

I hope I made a decent first impression. I hope I wasn't falling over, exhausted from my late-night flight, drooling on your shoulder. 

If I did--please accept my apology!

Please also leave me a "hello" comment. Maybe refresh my memory on the card you drew and the words of wisdom (?) I imparted with it. When I get to a point where I'm no longer fried from the sheer exhilaration of seeing old and new friends and the exhaustion of trying (and failing) to do and see ALL the things in New Orleans, I'll see if I have a couple more of those wise words.

Or wisecracks. I'm usually good for a couple of those as well :)

I hope you're really loving #RT14.

I'm glad I met you.