Your packing tips?

My friend, Toni Blake, thinks I'm nuts: I'm headed to the Romantic Times convention next week carrying only a Jansport backpack.

Five days. Five nights.  Two pairs of shoes. 4 dresses. Toiletries. 5 decks of Tarot cards to give away 300 doorknob hanger to give away. 

Oh and underwear. I'd better not forget that.  

I have a couple strategies up my sleeve:  First off, I'm only wearing two colors--pink and white. That way the shoes go with everything. I'm forgoing major costuming--at the big parties I'll be doing more seeing than being seen.  

I'm considering packing cubes. I'm considering squishing things into zipper baggies. 

What about you? Are you a super packer? Got any tips or tricks for newly-minimalist me?